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You can listen to WBAI live over the Internet (referred to as "streaming"), using one of our three live streams. For previously aired shows see our archives at To report a problem with our live streams, email stream at

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Computer: 32 Kbps
MP3 Mono
This requires the Flash player
which is NOT installed
This uses Flash and should work on computers running Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. It should also work on an Android smartphone. It will not work on an iPhone, iPad or iTouch.
MP3 Mono
For iTunes, Windows Media Player, WinAmp etc.
Direct Link =>

Computer: 64 Kbps
MP3 Mono
Using the HTML5 audio tag.
Works with: Chrome on Windows, Safari and others on iPad.
Does not work with: IE8, Firefox 3, Firefox 7, Opera 11.5 on Windows. Android 2.3 browser.
MP3 Mono
Listen here For iTunes, Windows Media Player, WinAmp and more
Direct Link =>
MP3 Stereo
Listen here For iTunes, Windows Media Player, WinAmp and more
Direct Link =>

iToys (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
WBAI has a dedicated page for streaming the station on Apple devices at

You can also listen with assorted radio apps: Finally, the included Safari web browser supports our mono MP3 streams without additional software. Finger pressing the links below will open a live stream in a new browser window/tab.
  • The 32K MP3 Mono stream uses less data.
  • For higher quality (best on WiFi rather than 3G or 4G ) listen to the 64K MP3 Mono stream
Public Radio Player on iPhone

TuneIn Radio
TuneIn Radio is a great app that runs on a wide range of smartphones (as well as ROKU boxes - more below). On iToys it costs $1. Highly recommended on iPads. It also runs on Android, Blackberry, Palm, Samsung Bada and Windows Phone (not clear if it's the old or new Windows Phone, but since no one uses either ... ). TuneIn Radio

Android Phones
TuneIn Radio If you haven't used any radio apps on an Android phone, start with the free TuneIn Radio. Recommended by WBAI's webmaster. See it in the app store. There is also a Pro version for 99 cents that adds a recording capability. From RadioTime.

Android Online Radio (AOR) is free. From Leadapps.

Wunder Radio is compatible with devices running Android 1.6 or newer. More has an Android app

NOTE: Streaming any radio station involves downloading lots of data. If your plan is not flat fee or unlimited, this can be very expensive.

Blackberry Phones
On a Blackberry, you can listen to WBAI with the free Nobex Radio Companion. From the browser on your BlackBerry go to: and it will download and install the software.

Wunder Radio is compatible with the Curve and the Bold and costs $10. It is not yet supported on the Tour or the Storm. More

Yourmuze.FM: Free. You need to register with a userid, password, real name, birthdate, contact info, etc. It is probably not a good idea to give our your actual birthday. After registering, you select your favorite stations, then use the browser on the Blackberry to go to and select one of your stations.

NOTE: Streaming any radio station involves downloading lots of data. If your plan is not flat fee or unlimited, this can be very expensive.

Computer: VLC
VLC is a popular, free program that can play audio and video in a large number of formats. For WBAI, it supports both MP3 and OGG, the two formats we use for streaming. It is available in both a portable Windows-only version and a normally installed version. The normal version is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Iinstalling the Windows Portable Version

Portable VLC is distributed as an EXE file. When you run the file, you need to point to a folder where it "installs" itself. The folder can be anywhere. It is not actually being installed, rather it is merely being unpacked. After the installation program finishes, find file VLCPortable.exe. Right click on it and make a new shortcut to it. Then right click on the new shortcut and rename it something like "WBAI 24K". Then, right click again on the same shortcut and get the properties. The Target box will have something like "X:\VLCPortable\VLCPortable.exe" (without the quotes). After the trailing "e" type a space and then this: "", again, without the quotes. When you're done the Target box should look something like this:
Click the OK button and you're done. Double clicking on the new shorcut will start the 24K MP3 live stream in a couple seconds. You may want to move or copy the shortcut to the desktop.

Windows Computer: Windows Media Player
If you are using Windows, then you can listen to our 32K live stream (mono) with Windows Media Player.

Expect a delay of about 5 to 7 seconds before the audio starts playing.
Internet Explorer users will probably be asked to approve installing an ActiveX control.
This works great with Google's Chrome browser version 5.
It works with Firefox v3.6 but the volume slider does not display. Instead, adjust the volume by right clicking on the player.
This has not yet been tested with Opera or Safari.

RadioTime Website
The RadioTime Player embeds the playing software inside a web page. If Flash is installed on your computer, then open the RadioTime Player in this window or a new window. All Windows users can open another version of the RadioTime Player (that uses Windows Media Player) in this window or a new window.

ROKU box

Roku sells a line of small external set-top boxes. One end plugs into the Internet (either via WiFi or Ethernet), the other end plugs into your TV. The box was initially restricted to streaming Netflix videos, but has since expanded to run other applications. One such application is Tunein Radio, which offers streaming radio, including WBAI. Read more....

Logitech Squeezebox Radio

The Logitech Squeezebox Radio is one of a number of computers that come packaged looking and acting like a normal table radio, except their input is the Internet rather than actual radio signals. This particular model has a small screen and includes a list of hundreds of radio stations. Finding one particular station in this huge list using the buttons on the radio is far from ideal. You can setup WBAI as a favorite, by registering with All favorite stations setup at the website, show up on the radio in the Favorites category. For WBAI, since the radio has only a single speaker, we suggest our 64K Mono MP3 stream. Enter the below as the location of your squeezebox favorite:

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